Professional Solar System Services

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Providing Cost Effective High Quality Packaged Solar Systems to South African Homeowners.


Solar system for home have improved over the last few years, bringing the price down and with the price of electricity in South Africa increasing and the uncertainty of load shedding, it has become increasingly feasible to fit solar systems to residential houses. With the financing options available an immediate saving on electricity bills is most likely. And after payback electricity is free except for maintaining your solar system.

4Tress Solar Solutions packages are either sold as DIY kits, or fully installed. Financing is also available on request.



Cost-effective and will result in an immediate saving on your electricity bill.


Continuity of power supply. No need to worry about load shedding.

Clean energy. Play a part by reducing your carbon footprint.


Social contribution. For each house that goes solar, the strain on the SA grid is lowered.

Decentralising power generation achieving sustainable power supply for the country.