5KW Sunsynk Inverter – Cyclone M10 Battery


This Pack Includes Installation:

  • 1 x Sunsynk 5kw Hybrid Inverter
  • 10 x 545w Solar Panels
  • 1 x Cyclone M10 10kwh Life Po4 Battery (10 YEAR WARRANTY)
  • 100 x 6mm Solar Cable
  • 1 x Ac Protection Box
  • 1 x Pvc2 Combiner
  • 10 x Mc4 Connectors
  • Complete mounting system for tile or IBR roof

The final price is subject to a site inspection, installation location and stock availability.

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As the leading vertically integrated manufacturer of lithium iron phosphate battery systems, YandR Solar (pty)Ltd has provided various battery solutions for nearly all kinds of ESS applications. Thanks to our self-developed core technology in cells/BMS/system design, YandR Solar (pty)Ltd has delivered more than 138+ countries serving 100,000+ users.

5KW Sunsynk Inverter – Cyclone M10 Battery, Long Life & Safety

Long Life & Safety

  • Vertical industry integration ensures more than 6500 cycles with 80% DoD.
  • Safe Lithium iron phosphate battery cell.

5KW Sunsynk Inverter – Cyclone M10 Battery, Intelligent BMS

Intelligent BMS

  • Each battery with independent BMS system manages power output smartly and effectively.

5KW Sunsynk Inverter – Cyclone M10 Battery, Modularization


  • Modular design gives the end customers the power of choice of capacity Deliver up to 163KW with single max module (10.24KWh) at 16pcs parallel connection.

5KW Sunsynk Inverter – Cyclone M10 Battery, Easy To Install & Use

Easy To Install & Use

  • Just plug and play to minimize the installation time and cost. Compact and fashionable design fits in your sweet home environment.

5KW Sunsynk Inverter – Cyclone M10 Battery, Compatibility


  • Compatible with most of the available Hybrid inverter.

5KW Sunsynk Inverter – Cyclone M10 Battery, Safety Certificates

Safety Certificates

  • UL1973
  • IEC62619
  • CE
  • UN38.3
  • MSDS

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5 KW Solar System